Comic Review of "NIMONA" by Noelle Stevenson

Today we bring you a review of Noelle Stevenson’s graphic fun and fantastical graphic novel Nimona. The story features a main character named Nimona, a relatively self-appointed sidekick to “supervillain” Ballister Blackheart. After a dogged amount of persuading, Blackheart puts her to work utilizing her shapeshifting ability in his devious plan to take down the Institution. Fueled by a need for vengeance, the two embark on a slew of chaotic journeys and meet countless roadblocks, one who goes by the name of Sir Ambrosius Goldenlion, a knight of the Institution. Let’s just say these two have…history.

This story is a new take on the portrayal of the “dark” “evil” villains. Nimona is a bundle of energy eager to please but doubtful in her true strength, while Blackheart is a more cautious but determined counterpart. Stevenson’s surreal take pulls references from many different time periods and meshes them into one. Her style and character designs are simple and smaller details are added for texture throughout. The comic is colored with a limited palette of muted tones and a red-orange accent color. Each character has fun iconic features and outfits which complement their personality.

Overall, this story is packed with a mix of action, fantasy, and destruction against all those corrupt and should therefore be punished for their ill morals through secret plans. Noelle infuses humor and emotion as we follow the relationship of villain and sidekick, morality and passion, friendship and rivalry. How Blackheart is able to put up with Nimona, I don’t know but they definitely make a very entertaining team. Please check out Nimona, it is a great read.

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