A Comic Review of “Two Losers From Earth” by Kit_is_mad

Escaping Earth is easy, after all the moon is only a train ride away; but escaping your problems is a bit harder. In “Two Losers From Earth” by Kit_is_mad, two strangers have boarded a tourist train to the moon to get away from their issues, only to find that problems tend to follow close behind.

“Two Losers From Earth” is a science fiction romance that follows Winter, who is still dealing with a relationship he ended, and Nat, who is avoiding his “helicopter” parents. When they first meet at the Almore Lunar Line train station, Winter is intent on spending his time on the trip alone, but in true genre fashion they end up running into each other at dinner and become travel buddies. In the next couple episodes the two begin to spend more time together, and Nat even invites another train-goer to hang out, only to find out that his new friend Ara is actually Winter’s ex-girlfriend. The comic is currently in progress, so readers still have much more to see in future updates, but so far the story is very nostalgic and emotionally gripping.

Although this webcomic is still ongoing, it is a strong contender for one of the more visually engaging webcomics in its genre that started in the last year. The art style alone is gorgeous, but it also creates a strong sense of nostalgia through both the coloring style and the crumpled paper texture that is used on every panel. But, by far the most engaging part of the comic’s artwork is the use of the vertical scroll format. There is a distinct lack of blank white space between panels; every background is a part of the world, and it immerses the reader wonderfully. Most webcomics in the vertical scroll format tend to leave the white background in an effort to save time and to make print versions simpler to format, but it does tend to leave things looking sparse between panels. This aspect of “Two Losers From Earth” was definitely the first thing to draw me into this comic, and is something I will continue to look out for in future stories.

Overall, this is a wonderful comic with an engaging story that makes readers yearn — like the characters — for a less complicated time in their life. The artwork is beautiful and serves the story well, and my only wish for this comic is that it had a more consistent update schedule. But, if you’d like to catch up while waiting for the next update, “Two Losers From Earth” by Kit_is_mad is available to read on Tapas, Webtoon, and its own website.

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