A Comic Review of "Raining Knives" by Mothtrap

This week, HoneyDripper brings you a review of the supernatural mystery webcomic, “Raining Knives” by Mothtrap on Tapas. A dramatic story of guilt and jealousy, “Raining Knives” follows high school teen, Dylan, who is haunted by ghosts, including that of his twin brother, Jerry. After brutally murdering his brother, Dylan struggles to cope with the aftermath, all while hiding his crimes from his brother’s ghost who doesn’t know how he died.

The story of familial fallout in “Raining Knives” is not an uncommon theme to many readers, although the outcome of this fallout is not quite so relatable. Still, the plotlines of this webcomic are extremely compelling as readers watch Dylan avoid the investigation into his brother’s death, while exploring the circumstances himself to placate his brother who doesn’t understand his lack of enthusiasm about solving his brother’s murder. Throughout the story, readers discover the mystery behind the two brothers’ strained relationship, from their mother’s early death to the suspicious nature of the hospital in which she died. In the end, Dylan must face his own actions and guilt before the ghosts of the past catch up to him.

This story, while already quite compelling to readers who enjoy the mystery genre of comics, sees a great deal of progress in the artwork through its online run. Between other successful parts of the comic, one of the most engaging parts of this story is its artwork and use of color theory. While, like most webcomics, its art style improved a great deal over the course of its run, this comic’s use of color is indeed the most compelling part of this comic. With the use of dark blues, stark line work, and blazing colors leading up to the final arc, this comic is an absolute page-turner. Although it did have its own issues at its start, including some cramped word balloons and improper panel flow, it pulled through tremendously during its two year run.

If you enjoy supernatural mystery and stories tackling issues of familial fallout, “Raining Knives” is a wonderful comic worth reading. Its growth over the years of its run is indicative of its creator’s dedication to the craft of comic making.

“Raining Knives” is available to read for free on Tapas!

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