A Comic Review of “Kingfisher” by Skulkingfoxes

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The Kingfisher Box: Ygrestal’s last and most mysterious invention, so mysterious that no one knows its purpose. So, can Seymour Whitman and his bodyguard Gabriel tell us the impossible box’s secrets? “N-not the ones you're interested in, probably.”

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“Kingfisher” is an occult mystery comic set in the 1920’s. The comic follows Seymour, an aspiring scholar, and Gabriel, his roommate and bodyguard, as they discover the unknown together. The series by Skulkingfoxes is currently ongoing, but the first book Foxhunt has been completed and the second book Rotgut is in progress.

The comic has a dramatic and humorous storyline in the first book as Seymour and Gabriel present the Kingfisher Box to local museum curator Dr. Parker who believes their box to be a counterfeit. The story continues on as Seymour and Gabriel prove its legitimacy, and the box is eventually stolen from the museum while under examination. The two must team up with Dr. Parker and chase down the eccentric thief who is leaving an innumerable amount of playful clues to catch her all over the city. The first book of the series comes to a close with a touch of horror as we learn more about the Kingfisher Box’s powers.

Kingfisher Excerpt, Book 1 Page 147 by Skulkingfoxes
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Overall, this comic is a delight. The artwork is gorgeous, with thin linework and traditional-style inking techniques that set it apart from many webcomics today. The use of simple, muted tones for coloring is a smart choice that not only fits the story but also surely helps speed up the process of making pages; a highly necessary step in making webcomics of this magnitude. The main critique to be had about this comic is that it could use a proofreader, though the spelling mistakes are easy enough to overlook.

Aside from this, the heart of the comic really carries this story. The character acting is wonderfully funny, and the story’s dramatic aspects are carried by writing that values emotional depth and complex character motivations.

If you like occult mystery with a touch of humor and slow-burn romance, this is the comic for you. The series is available to read for free on Tapas and currently is a part of the Early Access Program on Tapas, where future episodes can be unlocked early using Tapas Ink.

Kingfisher Excerpt, Book 1 Page 36 by Skulkingfoxes (Right)
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