Inktober 2018!!

Happy Tuesday HoneyDripper.

September is nearly over, and you know what that means… Its almost time for Inktober!

For those unfamiliar with Inktober, it is a drawing challenge created by illustrator Jake Parker which gives different prompts for the month of October all of which are to be completed using Ink based media. This can vary from traditional brush and nib to microns and brush pens. Its all about practicing working in a medium that you may not be fully comfortable using and honing your skills using ink.

This year at the HoneyDripper we are looking for your Inktober projects! If you are participating in Inktober send us your finished work and each week we will feature everyone’s different interpretations of the prompts. Doing a different prompt list than the official Inktober version? Send us what you have to be featured in a variety category for those doing alternative Inktober prompts. We will be giving away a few prizes at the end of October to all who participate so this is a great way to get your work out to the world AND score some free swag!

We will have additional tips on staying motivated and tackling Inktober in the coming weeks so make sure you stay tuned for more!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy Inktober everyone!


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