Preparing a Pitch

Hey everyone! Are you all getting excited for the SEQA creative team mixer this Friday?? In preparation for the event I wanted to take the time to talk about what all you might want to have when pitching your ideas to other artists and potentially editors.

Sample Script:

If you are a writer looking to find an artist to work with it might be a good idea to prepare a sample script. This is a good way to give another artist an idea of the story you are trying to tell. The script doesn't need to be the actual story you end up using in your project as a whole but think of it as a tryout to see how well your artist matches your world.

Include a synopsis and or a logline. A story synopsis tells the full events of what takes place in your story from beginning to end. The opposite of this would be A logline which is a single sentence explanation that explains what your story is about. Other things to include might be character descriptions and other notes that might be useful for communicating with the artist. For more information about scripting and making synopses check out The Art of Comic Book Writing by Professor Mark Kneece.

Visual References:

It can also be helpful to have examples of what the world and characters of your story look like. This can include anything from character designs to reference photos. In terms of what could be helpful in terms of reference photos are examples of what clothes the character wears, environment examples, vehicles, essentially anything that helps inform the style of your world.

Sample Pages:

If you are an artist and you are looking for an inker or colorist to go over your work you should bring sample pages. You don't need to bring 20 pages worth of your work but maybe 2-3 pages that you can provide so that they can figure out if they can work with your style or are interested in your story.

The most important thing about attending the mixer this Friday is knowing your story. This is good experience for pitching your ideas to other people and the more experience talking about your story the better. Even if you aren't looking to collaborate or take on new projects definitely stop by and see how the event goes in the event that you want to participate in the future!

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