SEQA Creative Team Mixer!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

For our first HiveMind update of the quarter I wanted to talk to you guys about an exciting event that is happening this quarter. The sequential art department will be hosting it's first ever creative team mixer!

Whenever SCAD brings in editors to talk to the sequential art department they always say that you should have a creative team put together when pitching an to them. This is a networking event where you can start assembling your creative team with your peers and start working on personal projects that could ultimately become your new pitch come editors day. Ever want to find an inker, colorist, or writer? Then this is the event you've been looking for!

The event will take place Friday April 13th in Haymans hall room 118. Pizza and drinks will be provided by the HoneyDripper and you will be entered in a free raffle for some art of books just for attending!

I hope you guys stop by with your ideas so that this can become a quarterly event! I'll be looking for people to help with my comic Villainous as well as a new story that I'm going to be writing. I can't wait to see what ideas you all have been working on and am excited to start collaborating with you!


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