SCAD Employer Visits - Winter 2018

Looking to grow as a professional but not sure where to start? Attending talks from visiting employers is a great way to learn what companies are looking for in an ideal candidate. It can even be a chance to meet with employers in person afterwards and share a conversation.

Always keep an open mind about employers - even if their company doesn't specialize in sequential art or illustration, every company needs designers and artists! Many sequential art and illustration alumni have found incredibly rewarding art careers working for companies they never would have considered previously. Companies of all kinds - clothing, sports gear, toy design, advertising, and more - come to SCAD looking for artists. Don't write a company off simply because it doesn't match your ideal; art jobs can be great stepping stones to your dream job!


Here's a list of SCAD employer visits for Winter 2017.

Take advantage of these visits - they may surprise you!

EP+Company: 1/16 - 5pm - Adler Hall 143

Mattel: 1/18 - 6pm - Student Center

Golden Wolf: 1/23 - 8pm - Student Center

Abercrombie & Fitch: 1/25 - 5pm - Student Center

Intuit: 1/30 - 5pm - Adler Hall 143

Co: Collective (Virtual): 2/2 - 1pm - SCAD Museum of Art, Room 216 / Online

Green Stone: 2/8 - 5pm - Adler 143

Mullenlowe: 2/26 - 5pm - Student Center

Psyop: 2/27 - Class visits only

Blue Sky Studios: 3/1 - 8pm - Student Center

Netflix: 3/8 - TBD

Gerner: 3/12 - TBD

Check your SCAD email for updates on the time and location of these visits, as they are subject to change.

Good luck! Go and shine!

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