(Art by the Lovely Nik Henderson)

Using the provided template below (or make your own) make the WORST possible dating profile match imaginable. Draw someone you’d definitely swipe left on.

  • Name your creep, How old are they? Whats their unimpressive job?

  • What are...

Heres some of the inktober illustrations we saw last week! Thanks To Anné Revlett and Caroline Palmer. 

Are you participating in Inktober? Make sure you share your work with us for the chance to win PRIZES! Keep up the good work guys!

Anné Revlett, BFA Illustra...

Hey everyone! Here's the Inktober illustrations you sent us last week! Huge thanks to Nik Henderson, Anné Revlett, Liz Riccardelli and Liz Dunn for sharing with us!

We'd love to see more next week so make sure you submit your work using our submissions tab!

Nik Henderso...

Happy Tuesday HoneyDripper.

September is nearly over, and you know what that means… Its almost time for Inktober!

For those unfamiliar with Inktober, it is a drawing challenge created by illustrator Jake Parker which gives different prompts for the month of October all...

Welcome to the first of many Hive Mind articles that we will be posting this year. We want this section to be a bigger part of our site and I hope you all enjoy and hopefully contribute some tips of your own in the future!

For those who don’t know, I spent the summer in...

I hope all of you are making it through the beginning stages of finals and at least getting some sleep…and by that, I mean a 20-minute nap on the bus. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Sleep is a limited resource that we must protect at any cost, even if it includes acc...

Comics are known for their use of onomatopoeia or sound effects. Today we are going to discuss the process of making sound effects for your comics.

Personally, I add my sound effects digitally once my page is fully colored but you can feel free to do them as you make y...

Hey, Katie here. Just wanted to introduce myself as the new Assistant Editor for Honeydripper! I'm an Illustration sophomore from Florida and an avid lover of horror, coffee, books, and art. I hope to one day illustrate album covers and movie posters. I've added some o...

Good morning everyone! Midterms are coming in fast and that can be a bit overwhelming. This week we are talking about ways to find inspiration and how to keep evolving your style. We all have favorite artists, TV shows, movies, and comics and its no surprise that these...

It's almost time for Editors Day everyone! This year there will be six editors coming to visit this quarter for portfolio reviews and to give insight into the comics industry. Make sure you fill out the Editors Day Application form which is due Monday April 23 at 5PM,...

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