The HoneyDripper is the Savannah College of Art and Design's juried comics and illustration blog, dedicated to publishing, promoting, and showcasing the finest in student work.​


Editor-In-Chief: Jackie Kuhn, BFA Sequential Art

Jackie is an graphic novelist and storyboard artist who loves the woods, collecting found objects, and urban sketching. She tends to work in digital mediums with heavy focus on inking.

This publication is a product of SCAD Student Media. Questions about the program may be directed to Jackie Kuhn at comics@scaddistrict.com.


Associate Editor: Anja Racke, BFA Sequential Art 

Anja Racke is a comics creator, writer, and editor from Columbus, OH. When she's not working, you will most likely find her curled up with a good book and a cup of tea.


Editor: Lauren Rogers, BFA Sequential Art 

Lauren is a comic artist/writer who works in digital mediums with a focus in line art. You can most likely find her sketching character or creature designs, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or waiting for her next cup of coffee.


Editor: Emily Ericson, BFA Illustration 

Emily is an illustrator from Dallas, Texas. Her work is geared toward kids with an emphasis on all things cute and whimsical. When she's not doodling, you can probably find her lurking in some old antique store.

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Editor: Abby O'Malley, BFA Animation

Abby is a animator and sequential artist from New Jersey. When she's not drawing she is likely playing bass guitar, reading a graphic novel, or crocheting. What ever you find her doing, she is almost definitely listening to music.


Editor: Greysen Walsh, BFA Illustration

Greysen is an illustrator from Greenville, South Carolina. They are a character designer with a fascination of small creatures and fantasy. When not drawing, you can find them playing video games. 

Editor: Sian Rips, MFA Illustration

Sian is an illustrator from San Antonio, TX. Her work mainly focuses on children's book illustrations and comic art. When not drawing, she's probably sleeping or rewatching Ghibli movies for the thousandth time.