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Kevin Betou, BFA Sequential Art

Kevin Betou was born in Paris, France and moved to California when he was six. He has been drawing since he was about five but fell in love with sequential art as a medium in middle school. He was attending Oakland School for the Arts at the time and received massive support from his instructors that helped mold him into a more mature artist. You might know Kevin from the comic he writes and draws named “Blackman,” which is five issues in.


The story follows Kevin Jordan as he fights with the struggles of being the first black hero in fictional South City. He created "Blackman" because growing up he didn’t see many heroes of color that accurately represented him. People have compared his style to Ryan Ottley (artist on Invincible) and Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy) which is an awesome compliment. He works primarily with ink in black and white using cross-hatching to build value. 

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